Out of Town Patients Dallas

Getting the best care and with a qualified plastic surgeon is very important. Dr. Solomon has trained at some of the finest medical centers in the country and offers a very high standard of care for your cosmetic needs. We have many patients from out of town and this information can make the surgical process as easy as possible.


It is very important to research the desired surgical procedure. Our website has detailed information on cosmetic procedures, with an extensive gallery of before and after photos along with links to reliable websites for additional information. Questions about surgery can be answered by phone or email.


The next step is to schedule a consultation. Meeting with Dr. Solomon in person is a great way to understand what to expect during surgery and recovery.

After the consultation once a treatment plan has been formulated, the next step is to set up a surgery date. Remember to factor in additional tests and medical work up that may be required before surgery. Most often this can be conveniently done locally without the need to travel. However, this documentation will need to be faxed to our office from your primary care physician’s office.


The amount of time that is required to recover depends on the type of surgery that was performed. During the consultation, you will be informed how many days you should plan on staying before returning home. Depending on the nature and extent of the procedure, an overnight hospital stay may be required. After most cosmetic procedures, patients can leave the hospital the same day once recovery from anesthesia is complete. We recommend staying at a local hotel overnight.
Typically it is Dr. Solomon’s preference to see patients the day after surgery to reassure that everything is going as expected before you leave the area. Our staff can help you with finding appropriate accommodation to make your stay as comfortable as possible.


After plastic surgery, it is important to follow up for suture and drain removal. This schedule can vary depending on the procedure performed. Sutures are typically removed for facial procedures within a week. For body procedures dissolvable sutures are used and do not need to be removed. Drains may need to stay in place from 1 day to two weeks depending on the procedure. Long term follow up at two or three months after surgery is also important. This should be anticipated and planned for before surgery.