Philosophy Dallas

The decision to have aesthetic plastic surgery is a very personal one. Choosing a plastic surgeon from the choice that is available in the Dallas area can certainly be confusing. I believe that it is very important to choose a plastic surgeon with similar ideals, aesthetic balance and experience who can make the right decisions before and during surgery to give you the desired results.

The foundation of my practice is based on two qualities that I consider indispensible, skill and integrity. Although I am board certified in surgery across three continents with experience in the diverse subspecialties of plastic surgery, my practice is limited to selective cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of the face, breast and body. I strongly believe that sub-specialization is required to achieve excellent results and only perform procedures that I enjoy doing and those in which I can consistently produce excellent results.

This focus on being very selective enables me to use several techniques that give better results or have a lower incidence of complications; however, they are more difficult than standard techniques and are not commonly performed. Constant critical evaluation of my results enables me to further refine my surgical technique thereby obtaining even better results.

My aim with all surgery and especially facial rejuvenation is to achieve a natural and non-operated look. Although the change may be dramatic (when comparing a before and after photograph), people looking at you should notice that you look youthful, refreshed, rested and healthy, without really knowing why.

At consultation, my objective is to listen, explore your needs and work with you to create a realistic plan that can help you achieve your goal. Each individual has a unique set of needs and structural composition. The operative procedure of choice for a given problem must be customized to fit those needs. A “one-size fits all” approach does not work. Given my extensive training in plastic surgery, I am familiar with a variety of surgical techniques to address a certain problem.

Sometimes, a patient may have aesthetic ideals that differ from me. If I feel that I may not be able to obtain the desired results, or that the overall risks are too high, I will discuss this with you. In such circumstances, I will explain in detail my rationale and would be happy to refer you to another plastic surgeon who may help you achieve your goal.

As a Mayo Clinic trained physician, I adhere to the core value of that institution “the best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered” and in treating every patient with dignity, respect and confidentiality. I do not believe in minimizing the potential complications of a procedure to make it more alluring or recommending an operation that may make little overall difference. I personally take call for patients under my care and remain accessible at all times throughout the post-operative period.

The opportunity to perform surgery is a privilege entrusted to me. I take this responsibility seriously and endeavor to give it my best with the goal of obtaining outstanding results.