Nipple And Areola Reduction Surgery 

Nipple Reduction Surgery 

Nipple And Areola Reduction Surgery The overall appearance of a breast depends to a significant extent on the shape and size of the nipple and areola complex, which is the pigmented part of skin surrounding the nipple. In some women, the nipples and areolae are misshapen, too large, and asymmetric or appear out of proportion with the rest of the breasts.  

Nipples that are long or droopy, and enlarged or puffy areolae are other issues that women face. Some of these features may be inherited; others are a result of breastfeeding, aging or trauma. Whatever the cause, all of these problems can be corrected with nipple and areola reduction surgery.  

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthias Solomon provides nipple and areola reduction surgery to patients in Dallas, Frisco, Sherman, Texas, and surrounding locations. 

What is Nipple Reduction Surgery? 

Women who have breastfed their babies often notice that their nipples appear prominent or enlarged. Such nipples protrude in such a way that they mar the look of the breasts in some types of clothes. Enlarged nipples may also cause discomfort by rubbing against the bra or a bathing suit.  

Nipple reduction surgery is a procedure designed to reduce such prominent nipples. Not only is the nipple appearance improved, the irritation of the nipple also reduces. Cosmetic surgery to shorten the nipples or reduce the width of the nipples gives breasts a more balanced appearance.  

What is Areola Reduction Surgery? 

Areola reduction surgery is the best option to change the appearance of puffy or enlarged areolae. In this procedure, surgeons remove tissue from the outer brown edge of the areola in a circular cut. Next, they pull in the skin in between the two edges of the cut like a purse string and place absorbable sutures inside the areola. The final effect is an areola with reduced diameter.  

After the cosmetic surgery, the area is covered with a dressing. Your surgeon will also prescribe a special bra that provides support to the breasts during the healing process.  

Other Forms of Breast Cosmetic Surgery 

Besides the nipple and areola reduction surgery, plastic surgeons perform other procedures too to improve breast aesthetics. The important ones are: 

Correction of Asymmetrical Areola 

Some women observe a difference in the shape or diameter of both areolae. Such asymmetry can be corrected by cosmetic surgery. The surgeon removes the tissue within the areola or adjoining it to correct the size and shape of the asymmetric areola.  

Nipple Lift 

Women who have nipples that point downward or nipples positioned low on the breasts may choose a nipple lift. This procedure may be performed on one or both breasts as necessary to give a uniform appearance. Breast reduction surgery and breast lift surgery are often combined with a nipple lift for best results.  

Correction of Inverted Nipples 

Inverted nipples retract into the breast skin surface instead of protruding outwards. This occurs due to shortening of the milk ducts or scarring around them. Plastic surgery to divide the milk ducts or release the underlying tissue helps to correct the nipple inversion. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Matthias Solomon receives patients from Dallas, Frisco, Sherman, Texas, and nearby areas for nipple and areola reduction surgery. 

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