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Brow Lift

Brow LiftAbout Brow Lifts

A brow lift, or surgical brow shaping, procedure elevates the eyebrows to obtain a more youthful and smooth appearance to the upper face. There is a very crucial and delicate balance between the eyebrows, eyelids, and the lid cheek junction (the part where the lower lid merges into the cheek). Aging affects all three of these areas, which is why board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthias Solomon will utilize his expertise to focus on all of these factors during your brow lift surgery. In some cases, Dr. Solomon may recommend eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) in conjunction with a brow lift for optimal results. Call Solomon Plastic Surgery in Frisco, TX to schedule a brow lift consultation today to learn more.

Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates have a brow shape that is overall droopy or saggy due to advanced age. These conditions can also impair vision if the skin is low enough to block the eyes. Dr. Solomon will consider the eyelid shape, structure, and location of the lid cheek junction to develop a customized treatment plan that does not leave patients with an overly elevated or surprised look.

Types of Brow Lifts

Coronal: For this procedure, an incision is placed along the scalp starting from the top of the ear to the other side. This was the gold standard brow lift procedure, but it has now mostly been replaced by the endoscopic brow lift which has shorter scars and less downtime after surgery. Drawbacks to this procedure include long scars, the potential for hair loss along the incision site, and sensory changes over the scalp that can be long term. For these reasons, Dr. Solomon rarely employs this technique.

Endoscopic: 4 – 5 small incisions (2 – 3 cm in length) are made along the scalp to release forehead skin from the underlying bone down to the level of the brow. The brow is then elevated and anchored in place using one of many fixation techniques. Although hair loss is possible along the incisions, it is typically well concealed because the incisions are very small. Scalp sensation changes are possible but are usually temporary.

Hairline: For this technique, the incision is placed at the base of the hairline instead of being placed in the scalp behind the hairline. This method is often used for patients with a high hairline that needs to be lowered.

Direct: This method is typically used on older patients, especially men with coarse skin and extensive creases over their forehead. The incision is usually placed at the upper margin of the brow or within a horizontal forehead crease.

Fat injection: Loss of fat beneath the brow can create a deflated or tired look that can cause patients to look significantly older than their current age. A fat injection gives the illusion of a high brow as it fills the deflated area and replaces the lost fat. This is also a good technique for selective younger patients who have minimal brow sagging. Two small needle puncture incisions are all that is required for this technique.

What to Expect

Following the procedure, patients should expect minor swelling, bruising, and tenderness but these symptoms usually subside within a few weeks. Some patients may experience a headache lasting 24 – 48 hours after their procedure which is common. Occasionally there are some sensation changes over the scalp, but this typically dissipates within a few weeks. The recovery period will look different for all patients as it’s dependent on the type of technique used and the specific condition of the patient. Those who receive an endoscopic brow lift will need to wear a drain for 24 – 48 hours but even if this procedure is combined with an eyelid surgery, an overnight stay in the hospital is not typically required.

Other Considerations

Brow shape varies from person to person, therefore results will differ as well. Certain brow lift techniques (coronal lift) can cause areas of numbness or decreased sensation over the scalp that can be long lasting. Although certain muscles can be modified during a brow lift to decrease wrinkles between the brows, this procedure will not significantly address forehead wrinkles in the long run. BOTOX® may be required if this is a consideration.

Elevate Your Look

If you have excess skin above your eyebrows due to advanced age or simply wish to enhance your overall look, call our Frisco, TX practice today to schedule a consultation. Dr. Solomon can assess your condition and discuss all your cosmetic options to achieve a more pleasing contour. This procedure is especially ideal for those who desire a more “awake” appearance.

Your Consultation with Dr. Solomon

During your consultation, Dr. Solomon will talk with you about your expectations, whether you are a good candidate for a brow lift, and what to expect during and after surgery. Contact Dr. Solomon’s office today to schedule your consultation.

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