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Initial Consultation


During the initial consultation, I will address your concerns and go through a list of things that you would like to change about yourself to achieve the desired goal. A complete medical history is also part of this process as co-existent medical conditions can directly or indirectly impact the safety and effectiveness of a procedure. This is then followed by a thorough physical examination, after which I will discuss in detail the nature of the problem, procedures likely to correct it and the extent to which the problem can be realistically corrected. Before and after photos of other patients that have undergone similar procedures are also used at this time to demonstrate likely outcomes. There is also a discussion of anesthesia, post-operative recovery, and short-term limitations after surgery and potential complications.

Photographs are also usually obtained during this visit. Educational brochures specific to the procedure are handed out along with links to reliable websites for additional information. Pricing is also discussed. For facial cosmetic procedures that seek to reverse the undesirable changes of aging, I request patients to bring photographs taken over the last few decades. This helps me to determine certain landmarks and facial features during youth, which is invaluable in planning the appropriate procedure to give a natural and youthful appearance.

This is followed by a complimentary second visit to address questions and concerns. At this time there is further discussion on the procedure and post-operative recovery. Occasionally, there can be a minor change in plan after I analyze the photographs obtained during the initial visit and this will be discussed in detail during the second visit. A suitable operation date is then scheduled if the patient desires to proceed with surgery and further clinic visits are scheduled as required. I am always available for additional visits before surgery if there are questions regarding the procedure and recovery.