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How to Choose The Best Plastic Surgeon in The Irving, Texas Area

How to Choose The Best Plastic Surgeon in The Irving, Texas AreaOne of the most important factors that will impact the final results of your cosmetic surgery procedure is the skill and experience of your operating surgeon. Your first consideration should be to select the best possible surgeon for your needs so that your safety and desirability of results is ensured. 

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthias Solomon provides cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery to patients in Dallas, Frisco, Sherman, Texas, and surrounding communities. 


Certifications of Dr. Matthias Solomon

Dr. Solomon is a triple board certified plastic surgeon with proven expertise in a wide range of plastic surgery procedures for the breast, body and face. Dr. Solomon has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), which is the most prestigious board and the only one recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. 

Dr. Solomon also specializes in facial plastic surgery, and has been certified by the premier board in this area, the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ABFPRS). He has also been certified in general surgery by the American Board of Surgery (ABS). 


Surgical and Non-Surgical Expertise 

Dr. Solomon is a highly skilled surgeon performing advanced cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures, such as face lift, breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, eyelid lift, and mommy makeover. He is known for his skills in techniques such as deep plane facelift, which is a more effective way to perform facelift compared to a traditional technique.

For procedures such as tummy tuck, Dr. Solomon has pioneered a cutting-edge surgical technique called the 3-D abdominoplasty. This technique will contour your abdominal area in a more comprehensive way to create natural looking results that are three dimensional. 

In addition, Dr. Solomon performs a wide range of non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as Botox, dermal filler injections, PRP therapy, fat transfer injections, and skin rejuvenation procedures.


Choosing the Right Surgeon: Questions to Ask  


  • What are your qualifications, experience, and professional certifications in the field of cosmetic surgery?
  • How many years of experience do you have in the field of plastic surgery?
  • Can I look at any images or videos related to your previous work?
  • What procedure would you recommend to accomplish my cosmetic goals?
  • Is a particular surgery appropriate for me? If not, what options do you recommend for me?
  • If I am not happy with the final results of my procedure, what recourse do I have?



Do Your Own Research

Before you decide to go ahead with your plastic surgery with a particular surgeon, you should spend some time in researching about your procedure as well as learning about the surgeon’s professional credentials. You can talk to past patients, visit credible plastic surgery discussion forums such as RealSelf, and review your surgeon’s practice website to improve your understanding about your procedure. 

The more information you have gathered prior to your initial consultation, the more productive can be your consultation process. Be proactive during your meeting with the surgeon, and ask pertinent questions that will help you make your final choice of the surgeon.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Matthias Solomon receives patients from Dallas, Frisco, Sherman, Texas, and nearby areas for plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures.

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