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Are You a Candidate For Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)?

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Are You a Candidate For Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)?Eyelid lift surgery or blepharoplasty is a relatively delicate but minor cosmetic surgery. It involves the area around the eyes. Your surgeon will carefully determine whether you are an ideal candidate before recommending the procedure.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthias Solomon provides eyelid surgery to patients in Dallas, Frisco, Sherman, Texas, and surrounding locations.

Candidacy for Blepharoplasty

A candidate for eyelid lift surgery will need to be in good general health. If they are bothered by the appearance of dull and tired looking eyes, they can benefit from this cosmetic surgery. They might have fine lines and folds around the lower and upper lids, puffiness in the upper lids or undereye bags causing the tired looking eyes.

People with ptosis or partial vision obstruction as a result of droopy upper lid skin and fat are good candidates for blepharoplasty as well. For determining candidacy, your surgeon will review your past medical records. They will ask you a series of question about any underlying health concerns as well.

The surgeon will check whether you suffer from any eye condition that may interfere with the procedure. You may need to have your existing ophthalmic condition checked and treated before considering blepharoplasty procedure.

Eyelid Characteristics

Eyelid surgery is an aesthetic enhancement procedure. Your surgeon will evaluate your aesthetic goals to judge whether they can be achieved by an eyelid surgery. Candidacy should be determined after considering the following factors:

Tired Looking Eyes

Wrinkles, droopy skin, and fine lines around the eyes can make them appear old and tired. Lower or upper eyelid lift plastic surgery is usually recommended for eye rejuvenation for these candidates.

Puffiness in the Upper Eyelids

Blepharoplasty can eliminate under eyebags and puffiness in the upper eyelids. Skilled surgeons can restore youthful and smoother looking eyelids.

Droopy Skin in the Lids

Loose skin, folds, and wrinkles in the upper and lower eyelids can make your upper face appear tired. Few patients may also suffer from partial vision obstruction because of heavily droopy eyelids. Blepharoplasty can be used for correcting these anomalies.

Other Factors to Consider

These are a few factors the cosmetic surgeon will consider for determining a patient’s ideal candidacy:

Patient’s Age

Patient should be above the age of 18 to be a candidate for eyelid surgery. Generally, candidates are 30 years of age.

Realistic Expectations

Suitable candidates should have clear cosmetic goals, positive mindset, and reasonable expectations. Candidates should also know what the procedure can do for appreciating results better.

Medical Considerations

Individuals suffering from ophthalmic or medical conditions, like dry eye and glaucoma may not be able to undergo an eyelid surgery because of higher risk of complications. Other people that may not be able to receive this surgery are the ones suffering from diabetes, hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.

Individuals that have inadequate structure or a lack of orbital anatomy may be excluded from getting the surgery as well. Condition of the adjacent support structure and bones may have an impact on the suitability of a candidate. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Matthias Solomon receives patients from Dallas, Frisco, Sherman, Texas, and nearby areas for eyelid surgery.

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