Breast Augmentation Implants Before And After Photos

Breast Augmentation Implants Before And After PhotosThe decision to undergo breast augmentation plastic surgery is a very personal one. A patient should only make this decision upon learning as much about the procedure as she can.

Women considering breast augmentation surgery should review the surgeon’s website to attain clarity on the surgeon’s background and their practice. But the best source of information in a specific case is an in-depth, one-on-one consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

During the initial consultation, the surgeon will show the patient before and after images of previous breast augmentation patients to enable them to enable them to understand the possible results of the procedure. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthias Solomon provides breast implant surgery to patients in Dallas, Frisco, Sherman, Texas, and surrounding locations. 

What are breast augmentation before and after pictures?

Breast augmentation ‘before and after’ pictures are a pair or group of images of previous patients who have undergone the same procedure with successful results. These images are taken before the procedure and after the enhancement surgery at a time when the post-operative inflammation and bruising have resolved and the final results of the procedure are visible.

The surgeon will acquire these images with the patient’s express consent and show them to potential patients in a judicious and discreet manner. Moreover, the surgeon will not disclose the patient’s identity as per standard protocol. 


Patients are understandably concerned about how breast enlargement cosmetic surgery will impact their overall physique. The surgeon can showcase breast augmentation ‘before and after’ pictures to a new patient to offer reassurance on whether it is an appropriate procedure for them capable of accomplishing their body-related aesthetic goals. 

Certain patients may only require limited correction with a surgical procedure, such as fat transfer breast augmentation. Others may need a traditional breast implant cosmetic surgery along with a breast lift or tummy tuck.

Regardless of the situation, the patient can make a more enlightened decision after seeing before and after photos. This is all about transparency which is vital for any surgeon to attempt to obtain for an elective surgery. This is why the website is so numerous in its images. Dr. Solomon is proud of his work and he should be. 

With so many patients walking away satisfied because of the skill and care exhibited here it’s no wonder that people continue to sign up for more surgeries. 

Combining Images with Text

Descriptive text accompanying breast augmentation before and after images can be quite beneficial to new patients. It can provide them with information on why the procedure was performed and how it successfully addressed the specific needs of the patient. 

Succinct, clear, and concise descriptions enable the surgeon to elucidate the journey of a previous patient effectively. Such text can be a vital element of before and after photo galleries as patients connect better with pictures while stories allow them to recall the associate details more accurately.

Another element that should be mentioned here is digital technology. Gone are the days where you had to rely on some Polaroid image or some vague brochure that left you feeling as if your questions have not been answered. Digital imagery offers amazing images to anyone regardless of your income. The world is truly flatter.

If you have access to the Internet which is more prevalent now than ever then you can see these images from even in your home or on a camping trip near a lake. You can make a key decision with out even your loving dog or cat knowing about it.  

Sharing Your Pictures

Surgeons may share pictures on digital channels in the below-mentioned ways:


  • Website Galleries: Creating breast augmentation before and after photo gallery on the practice site which is the case here
  • Portfolios: Developing an image portfolio to display to new patients seeking the same procedure
  • Blog Posts: Augmenting blog posts with images in a way that provides patients with visual evidence of procedure outcomes
  • Social Media Platforms: Photos can effectively optimize social media post, but discretion is necessary when posting on public forums


A detailed ‘before and after’ picture gallery can be an educational and promotional tool for the surgeon and their practice. It is an avenue to showcase their skills and expertise while simultaneously informing patients on intricate cosmetic surgeries, such as breast enhancement. 

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Matthias Solomon receives patients from Dallas, Frisco, Sherman, Texas, and nearby areas for breast implants.

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