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How Long Is The Recovery From A Facelift?

How Long Is The Recovery From A Facelift?Rhytidectomy or facelift plastic surgery is helpful in combating the various signs of aging in the neck and face. The procedure is recommended for patients that are concerned with unwanted wrinkles, sagging skin and jowls. Facelift can provide a more youthful appearance. It is important to know the recovery period involved if you are considering this procedure. 

A responsible surgeon will let you know the overall downtime involved and what to expect at every stage of recovery. Diligent board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthias Solomon provides facelift surgery to patients in Dallas, Frisco, Sherman, Texas, and surrounding communities. 

Week 1 of Recovery

You need to ensure that postoperative incision care is followed and you keep the sutures clean to prevent infection. You may feel unsteady on your feet immediately after the surgery because of the anesthesia. You should have someone drive you home and take care of you the first night. You would feel the most pain on day 1 and your surgeon will prescribe pain medications for easing discomfort. 

The surgeon will schedule a follow-up visit on day 2 or 3. This is to check the surgical dressings and evaluate whether the incisions are healing well. The surgeon will also assess swelling in the area and if everything seems normal, they will redress the incisions. You should take plenty of rest the week to help your body recover. 

Bruising and swelling will be maximum around day 3 and 4 and may remain for a few more days. Pain should start easing around day 5. You would be asked to do light housework around this time. It is important that you keep moving to improve blood flow. 

Week 2 of Recovery

Much of the bruising would have subsided by this time, but swelling would still persist in and around the incision areas. This may cause you to feel tingling, tightness, and numbness. This is a common occurrence and nothing to worry about. Most patients feel like themselves at the end of week 2. You may be able to resume your routine at the workplace around this time. 

Week 3 and 4 of Recovery

The surgeon may remove sutures between 1 to 3 weeks depending on your recovery. You may have residual tightness and swelling at week 3 and 4. Moreover, you would be feeling a lot better. This is also when you would notice real improvements in your facial contour. Your surgeon may clear you for exercising and other activities. There may be a pinkish hue to your incisions, but these would continue fading away as final outcome becomes more apparent. 

After One Month

You would feel completely normal after the 30-day postoperative mark. You should be able to go back to enjoying life and performing normal activities and a regular fitness regimen with your new look. It may take up to 12 months for minor numbness, tightness, bruising and swelling to reside following a facelift. Stemming from this, these symptoms would not be noticeable. 

This recovery timeline for facelift cosmetic surgery is a general guide and the actual timeline would depend on your anatomy and unique circumstances. Proven and cordial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Matthias Solomon receives patients from Dallas, Frisco, Sherman, Texas, and nearby areas for facelift surgery.

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